Monday, April 28, 2014

A new RGM-79 Project...

Well today, while i was working i was thinking of a new project, the RGM-79CR GM Kai High Mobility Type.

In order to Make this possible, I need to buy the RGM-79c Kai and the RGM-79Q Quel.

I'm just going to need the the upper portion of the body and the legs of the "Quel". Unless i make the leg portion from the same RGM-79c and extend the leg chin's out.

For this kit i will also do the following:

LED in the visor and camera head unit
LED on backpack thrusters
LED on lower chin armor
LED in the bottom of the feet thrusters. 

For Diorama:

A part of the Solar system weapon used in Gundam "Stardust Memories" example below.

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